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gooood Interview – office team of Valerio Olgiati

Express something as close to the truth with architecture.

Whatever Eyewear in Shanghai, China by RooMoo

Transforming a sunglasses store into a soundwave metal installation

Antica Birreria Heineken by Studio DiDeA

The interior design features noble and warm materials.

“Xingshe” Of Beijing, Daxing District in China by Cobblestone Design Canada

From “Toilet Reforming” to the Harmony of the City

gala in Shanghai, Beijing by COLORFULL YUJING DESIGN

The solid steel plate and the transparent U-shaped glass echo back and forth, invigorating the original building

Mazha Lighting System Hangzhou Solo Exhibition by Mario Tsai Studio

X-shaped structureMazha transforms to lights extending inplan and three dimensions

每周评论精选2019.06.15 – 2019.06.21

(Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

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        Wellem Pediatric, China by Jason Design Group

        A mysterious planet created for children’s health care called Wellem

        AD: Chongqing Vanke 168 Program – New product for future Community Landscape

        (Only in Chinese) Create future community complex which could provide warmer life for the residents.

        Mixing Openness with the Whole – Architectural Design of Yizheng Comprehensive Gymnasium, China by The Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University

        Ceramic rods form a special warm gift box

        CCTV Animation Pavilion, Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition 2019, China by FADESIGN (Beijing) Architecture Design Co., Ltd. + Beijing Zanyi Art Design Co., Ltd.

        Architecture of wind

        “Bei shan qi yuan”- LianHua Peak Public Restroom, China by Shenzhen Huahui Design

        Represent a new image of city

        Persone Bar and Restaurant by Plus Architecture

        The Italian laneway rediscovered

        L’Aire by Odace vénements + EN TEMPS ET LIEU

        A place where shapes, light, and shade come together

        gooood archive: Membrane Structure

        Selected Membrane Structure Projects

        Rehabilitation of Sant Antoni Market by Ravetllat arquitectura

        Preserving the Sunday Market and adding the new public spaces

        Zieliński Square by SZCZ Jakub Szczsny Gustaw

        People can attach their things: hammocks, swings, ropes, planks of wood, etc.